Wednesday, 1 June 2011

25/5/2011 to 1/6/2011

Sorry,dah lama airin x on9 bloggies nie..hehe..
bnyak bnda yg berlaku kat airin spanjang tarikh2 tu..huhu..
sbb tu tajuk entry ari nie tntang tarikh tu..hehehe..
ok!!lets read my story(Story ke??dah mcm diary da den tgk..haha)

25/5/2011-I know smthing that make my heart hurt..I'm disappointed with him.
26/5/2011-Tacing with Him..Badmood,Feel want's angry everyone but still MISS him
27/5/2011-He try to explain and I dont want to listen it..Hate My Self!!Always MISS him!!
28/5/2011-He try to persuade..But i'm still angry with him..(actually,MISS him so much)
29/5/2011-Tell my nice friends Yanie and Putut..Need their support..and   listen him explain...and be kind with him..
30/5/2011-Celebrate My little sister Birthday..
31/5/2011- My B start working..So sympathy to Him..I think he feel very tired..
1/6/2011-Second day my B working..Owh no!!Miss U so much..

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